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AirFuel Wireless Charging

Microtips is the licensee of Qualcomm WiPower and member of AirFuel Alliance.  It dedicates to develop A4WP/AFA compatible wireless chargers based on Qualcomm WiPower Magnetic Resonance technology for years. 

Technology comparison of Magnetic Resonance (AirFuel Alliance/A4WP) and Magnetic Induction (Qi)




Microtips provides custom designed Resonator, PRU and PTU modules to fully meet customer’s power and ID form factor requirement.  The application includes wearable device, Smartphone, handheld devices, tablet, laptop, vehicle and home appliances...etc.

The users can experience the new power charging technology not only at home, but also

in the coffee shop, restaurant, office and any public service area by Wireless Power charging ecosystem.

Except ODM/OEM service, Microtips also provides AFA wireless charger finished product design for customer brand.  All the products fully comply with CE/FCC, international safety standard and telecommunication standard.

Microtips WiChargi ecosystem is the power charging venues with user behavior data system.  It locates in the coffee shops, restaurant, public facility, anywhere when you need power.  Except providing power charging to customers, it also collects users’ big data as business tools.

Wireless Charging Transmitter Module


Wireless Charging Receiver Module




New Charging experience! Drop and Go! 

Microtips as a member of AirFuel Alliance and the licensee of Qualcomm has successfully developed a series of power transmitters and receivers by the magnetic resonance technology to satisfy the customer’s high requirements for enabling new markets and also enhanced continuously the outstanding performance for a smarter world.



Wireless Charging Transmitter


Wireless Charging Receiver




Wichargi - Wisely charging!
WiChargi directs you to charge wisely!

-WiChargi® is free wireless charging venue placed at coffee shops, restaurant, mall, gym, retail/department stores, airport, bus/train station, VIP room, and public locations etc. for mobile devices.
-WiChargi® frees mobile devices power!
-WiChargi® APP freely powers your mobile devices anywhere, anytime!
-WiChargi® is easy to use, just drop to power!
-WiChargi® pulls customers and increase revenue!
-WiChargi® is as an IOT with big data business tools to grasp consumers’ behavior.