Company Profile

Company Profile

Microtips integrates worldwide technology resources to ensure that having technological advantages to design develop, and manufacture high value-added products and solutions for customers. We also connect suppliers of electronic technology with manufacturers, providing full support from concept through production of the finished product.

Our ethics, reliability and dedication have earned the continued trust of our customers, and we firmly believe that long-term customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. To continue meeting the changing needs of our valued customers, we are committed to creating value that increases customer competitiveness through a world-class vertically integrated solution that establishes the industry’s standard for superior quality and service.


(1)Musical Instrument

Products include Sounds Effects Testing Machine, Sounds Amplifiers for professional recording studio and concert, Digital Musical Instrunments for audio studio, PUB and club, product such as Digital Audio Processor (DAP), Live Sound Recorder, Multi Channel Mixer, Sound Effects, Machine DSP Amp etc.

(2)LCD Module 

LCM are use for medical equipment, communication device and industrial control such as credit card machine, IP Phone, copy machine, medical machine and laundary machine etc.

(3)Finger Printer Module

Our finger printer module are widely use for notebook and tablet.

(4)Wireless Charger and Module

Mictotips adopts Magnetic Resonance technology to develop wireless transmitter, receiver and module can be used in wearable device, smart phone, tablet, notebook and other consumer product.


Microtips has full equipments for COB, COG, SMD and DIP process. We could provide services such as Auto Optical Inspection and X-ray for PCBA assembly, significantly improve our ability to deliver high-quality products. Microtips always offers the best solution for cost saving, shorten lead time, on-time delivery and inventory management.