Design & Development

  • Mechanical Engineering, Molding Technology, Enclosure Systems, Thermal and Tooling Design.
  • Electronic schematic, System design

Product Development

From specification to implementation to production, we offer total design services. We take a product idea and create requirement specifications, architect the product design and develop the product to meet the customer’s engineering needs.

Eletrical Engineering

We excel in design for manufacturability of electrical products including software, firmware. Our electrical engineers are experts in Analog/Digital Circuit Diagram design, PCB layout from 1~8 layers and assembly utilizing the latest electronic assembly technologies.

Mechanical Engineering

By using the aided design in computer, our experienced mechanical engineers expertise in the design and production of complex electro-mechanical assemblies.

Tooling Engineering

  • Metal tooling
  • Rubber tooling
  • Aluminum Die Casting
  • Plastic tooling
  • Aluminum Extrusion 

Prototype Engineering

In order to shorten customer’s evaluation stage and time to market requirement, we can provide rapid prototyping by SLA (Stereo Lithography Apparatus) from our in-house facility utilization.

Manufacturing Process Engineering

Based on much cooperation experience with our valuable OEM customers, our production engineers are specialized in transferring different process either from product design to real production or from customer’s factory process to our own one.

Quality Engineering

Microtips quality management emphasizes on the integrations of product design quality and manufacturing quality control. Our quality engineers work with customers to define the quality requirement of every manufacturing stage and prepare reports based on customer’s demand.